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Types of massage

Different types of massage provide specific benefits, by addressing specific health situations. For instance, Swedish massage has been gaining relevance due to its ability to induce a strong sense of relaxation by releasing tense muscles. It requires a masseuse to apply medium, gentle and light pressure on the client.

We, also, have deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is performed by applying deep pressure against troubled points. Its application leaves one feeling sore, making it appropriate for treating stiff spots like neck and shoulder. Next, we have trigger point massage. Trigger point massage applies pressure on specific areas of the body.

As a result, the therapist identifies troubled muscle and coaxes it with excessive pressure to induce relaxation, relief muscle tension and back pain.In addition, we have hot stone massage. The technique makes use of smooth stones heated with water to increase circulation and induce relaxation. The technique is appropriate for releasing tense muscles.

Furthermore, we have Thai massage and sports massage. Thai massage works the entire body by invigorating it into Yoga-like stretches to increase flexibility and health well-being. On the other hand, sports massage involves a combination of the types listed above and its designed for physically active individuals, mostly athletes..